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Membership Perks

If you’re a frequent boater and want to rent boats often throughout the year, joining our Boat Rental Club is a great deal.  We have different membership levels depending on how often you think you may wish to get out on the water.  Check out the following options to see which Membership you would like to join.

Boat Club Members get the following perks:

  • Easy Booking and Reservations
  • Priority Check Out
  • Expedited Check Out and Check In
  • Free Parking for 1 vehicle any time you take out the boat

A great membership that gives you a huge discount on all our rentals, any day of the week, whenever you want to go.  Get up to 50% off our regular rental rates on our entire rental fleet.

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Unlimited Rentals for any weekday.  Play hooky from work and do some bar and restaurant hopping.  Stop in at the sandbar to get wet and party, or just cruise and relax along the Ft Lauderdale Intracoastal.  This membership plan gives you Unlimited rentals for our whole fleet on Monday-Thursday.  Come out as often as you want.

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Unlimited Rentals any time, any day you want.  It’s pretty much like owning your own boat, without the headaches involved in owning your own boat.  Use the boat for weekends, holidays, sandbar events and more.

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