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Other Activities

Other Activities

Welcome to Fort  Lauderdale where the  sun is hot and the water is cool!  Here at A1A Boat Rentals we offer many opprotunities to get your family and friends out on  water based activies.     From up in the sky with the parasail boat to renting your own boat and cruising the intracoastal.

Boat Rentals

Renting a boat is a great way to get out and see the beauty Fort Lauderdale has to offer.  We have a wide selection of boats to choose from for this excursion as well as maps included with the greatest routes and the key to cruising Fort Lauderdale’s ICW.   From Sandbars, to hot spot res;raunts and bars  to just driving around soaking in the salt from the topside of the water.  Experience is required however, captains can be provided if needed.  All rental boats are stocked with the necessary equipment required by the United States Coast Guard as well as nice coushins on the bow for sunbathing and a canopy top towards the stern for those who prefer shade. Things to do on a rented boat:

  • Cruise through the canals and see the expensive yachts and houses
  • Stop and anchor at the sandbars to swim and socialize with other boats
  • Tie the boat up at a restraunt and have lunch or dinner.
  • Take the boat to 15th St. Fisheries and feed the Tarpon and Jack Crevalle fish
  • Take the boat past the port and beach it at John U Lloyd State park
  • Boat club  memberships are available to those who live in or visit the Fort Lauderdale area often.


Are you a dare devil? Or someone that likes adrenaline rushing adventures? If so, you may be interested in Parasailing.  Parasailing is a great way to get on the water and see for miles the ocean and sandy beaches. Take a ride out  on the 12 passenger boat and then fly up to 300 feet! Take off and landings are smooth and safe.   A flight of a lifetime!

Tuck Tuck Tours

Do you have a furry family friend you’ve brought along for your vacation that hasn’t got to expericne the water with you?  Well you just may have found an excursion you and your pet can enjoy together! _________Tours is a Gondola style electric boat that is set up for those of you who would like to take your dog on an intrcoastal cruise with you.   Named after the infamous Shit Zu named Tucker, you and your dog would be comfortable wagging your tail all down the ICW.   Don’t have a furr friend but still like the style of boat? No problem, Tuck Tuck Tours is perfect for engagement parties, Bachelor Parties or simple dockside dinings.

Miami Seaquarium

Ever go to the Aquarium and find yourself starring at the beautiful sea creatures behind the glass and wish you could be in there with them?  Well now you can! Miami Seaquarium offers All kinds of wildlife encounters from swimming with the dolphins to feeding the penguins.


Imagine yourself under the sea with the beautiful ocean life and coral reefs.  Snokeling is one of the greatest ways to spend your free vacation time!

Spirit catamaran

Looking for a peaceful evening with your loved one?  Check out Spirit catamaran’s sunset cruise.   The 50 foot Sailboat offers Private charters as well as open party trips daily.

Pirate Boat

Looking for an activity for the kids?  Bluefoot’s Pirate adventure is a spectacular  erxcursion for the young ones.    Great for kids ages 5-12.   The animated ship cruises the Intracoastal and allows the kids to fight off the bad pirates with high powered water guns.   The boat never actually leaves the ICW so its


Miami Vice or Swamp People?  How about both!  Experience the Exciting airport tours of the everglades south florida!  See the Alligators and snakes living in the swamps!   This is a great activity to do morning, afternoon, or night.   The airboat ride is approximately 30 minutes.

Scooter rentals

Motorized scooters  are provided for cruising around the beach.

Helicopter tours

See the ocean and beautiful Fort Lauderdale/ Miami skyline with the helicopter tours.  Fun and exciting for all ages!

Kayak tours

Rent a kayak and Explore the ICW at your own pace.

Water Taxi

Water taxi is  one of the best ways to sight see in fort Lauderdale. Like a public bus, water taxi stops frequently at various locations.     Take the water taxi to lunch or even back to your hotel from the beach! When buying your ticketys you will be equppied with as map of all the stops so thatyou can create your own itinerary for the day!


Join us on on of olur guided paddleboard tours!  Paddleboardiung is a great way to enjoy the water all while getting a great work out!


Fishing is one of the most popular attractions in south florida.

Tiki Tours

Get the Back yard barbecue feel on the tiki hut tours.  The tiki hut can take up to 6 people.  This is a fun and different way to take a tour.

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